Thursday, January 09, 2014

So I have this long document

When I feel something, I've been writing it down.
Since November 1st or so.

And my document on Google Drive is... long.
It had an initial purpose, but just turned into this erratic creativity dump from my brain.  I love that my brain's creativity comes out in words.  The previous post is something that just came over me.  It's almost poetry-ish?  But obviously not really.  Maybe I should ask my dear FSIL what she thinks about it.

My World

My world is red with emotion.  Everything I do, everything I see, everything I hear, everywhere I am there is emotion.  And with varying degrees of intensity.  Its almost like I see exclusively in emotion sometimes, and my eyes are my heart, the very middle of my chest.  I can feel the emotion in objects.  In people, places and moments.  It’s electrifying and astonishing in depth and breadth.  Sometimes I wish to crumble to my knees with the emotion of it all.  And sometimes there is so much emotion that I can’t tell which kind it is.  Anger or fear, happiness or relief.  But I think most times it is so many emotions all together and at such high intensities that my heart would explode.  A balloon in my chest cavity expanding with the warmth of the colors of emotion in my world.  I wouldn't have it any other way.